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You can go to Kaputian by:

1. Lantsa (45 minutes to an hour ride) from Sta. Ana wharf near Magsaysay park the fare is just 60 pesos per person.If you want to see the beauty of the ocean and Talicud Island then take the lantsa . Schedule are as follows:

A. First trip 12noon " PALBROS " then back to Davao at 7am following day

B. Second Trip 3pm " GRACE" then back to Davao 8am following day.

C. Third Trip 4pm " HOFF GORIE" then back to Davao 8:30am following day.

2. Bus ( 1:30 to 2 hours ride) Terminal is at Ecoland or you can catch the bus on front of Magsaysay Park or the corner of park going to Sta. Ana Wharf or you can go to Sasa Wharf Where the Ferry to Samal Island is Located. The fare is 70 pesos per person. If you want to just sit back and just relax and see the inner Beauty of the Island then take the Bus! There are at least 10 trips back and forth from Kaputian each day.

3. Private Vehicles (approximately 22 to 23kms.) from Babak ferry wharf. The ferry will take your vehicle on the island. The loading fee is 270pesos for the light vehicles then additional 10pesos each person in excess ( just the driver and one passenger are included in the loading fee)

Simple Driving Directions
  • When you drive off the ferry onto Samal Island go straight to intersection and make left.
  • Go Approximately 1 KM to first Main road on right going up the hill.
  • Follow this road through a small town till it ends approximately 5 KM at next intersection.
  • Make right and you will follow this road through small town of Penaplata and straight to Kaputian.
  • You will go through a small town of Anonang just stay on the new concrete road to the Red Parrot Inn, approximately 23 KM Pretty and fun drive from Ferry